Falls are the #1 cause of injury, hospital visits, and death for Senior Adults!

Falls are the primary reason for loss of independence, as well as the need for Short Term Skilled Nursing Care and Long-Term Care. 1 in 5 falls results in serious injury, including head injuries or broken bones. Almost all hip fractures (95%!) result from falls. Falls may also cause a loss of mobility, self esteem and even reduce one’s life expectancy.

The Safe Aging Coalition prides itself in the professional knowledge of SAC Team Members who are available for presentations and seminars on a variety of fall prevention topics. Educational presentations can be tailored for particular audiences including older adults and/or their caregivers. Check out our current offerings and past presentation topics below. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation or seminar, please CLICK HERE

Education Topics

  • This Little Light of Mine: Illuminating the Path to Fewer Falls – general falls prevention
  • Less Stuff, Fewer Falls, More Life – tips for decluttering and downsizing
  • Roadmap to Navigating Change – challenges and tough decisions following a fall
  • A Helping Hand: How Friends Help Prevent Falls – working together for falls prevention
  • Strength + Balance = Stability: Exercises for Fall Prevention – self-explanatory
  • Developing a Mindset for Fall Prevention – psychological barriers to seeing oneself as at risk of falls

Archived Presentations

    • Hydration and Nutrition
    • Safety in the Home: Home Modification
    • Medications and Falls
    • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Safety in Numbers; How To Protect Your Assets
    • Medicare 101
    • Chronic Illness and Falls
    • Dare to Drive Safely
    • Scams, Fraud: How to Keep Your Identity Safe

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BenchMark Physical Therapy Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Series (Part II)

How to Use a Rollator

How to Use a Walker

How to Use a Cane

Intervening with a Loved One

Safe Age Coalition

How to Declutter

How Best to Use a Wheelchair

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Educational Resources

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