WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE! The SAFE AGING COALITION OF NORTHERN KENTUCKY IS EXCITED TO BEGIN THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU! “Safe Aging” is extremely important to us and encompasses many aspects. Though we are not limited to this, our Primary Focus is Fall Prevention. Why? Because Falls are the NUMBER ONE reason for Hospitalization, Rehabilitation, Long-Term Care, and ultimately, Death for Senior Adults. As we traverse this road together, our primary concentration of Education will be on this subject matter!

A few statistics…

• Falls are the leading cause of death for Senior Adults
• Over 1/3 of Senior Adults fall each year
• Over ½ of these result in serious injury
• 50% hospitalized will result in hip fracture
• Most of these will never return to their prior level of independence
• Hip fracture patients are more likely to die within a year
• Over 2 million Senior Adults are treated in the ER for Non-Fatal Falls Nationally
• Falls are costly-Over $34 billion per year Nationally
• Those who fall will most likely fall again
• 1 in 5 falls result in serious injury.

So join us, won’t you, as we try to impact our community, our Seniors, and our world by emphasizing the importance of Falls Prevention?! Please continue to follow us as we fulfill our mission to Educate, Demonstrate, and offer Activities and Events in promoting Health and Wellness for Senior Adults!

Would you like to impact your community in offering Safety in Aging Adults? The development of our Donate and Give-back program will give you the opportunity to partner with as we work together to provide our Seniors Falls Prevention Education, Resources, Safety at Night Programs (Nightlights), Health Clinics, and ways to obtain Free Assistive Devices to those in need.

Thank you for connecting with the Safe Aging Coalition of Northern Kentucky! Please keep in touch!